About me

Life is an adventure.

Michael Stangl    

Curious and inquisitive as I was as a teenager, I wanted to know what life is all about, what its essence is. I searched for answers in science. I studied biology, getting my degree in biochemistry.
Even while at college, I realized that the answer to this question – what constitutes life – is found in other areas besides science. After my time as a scientist, I studied German and sports. This opened a door for me to the world of spirit and to experiences centered in the body.
My knowledge of the natural sciences, the humanities and the physical body all reinforce each other, forming the basis of the work I do as a coach.
The experiences gained during my 20 years as a trainer and consultant are what inspired me to become a coach. I enjoy it even more now, as I can work with methods that are lively and effective, methods that reconcile what the heart feels, what the mind thinks and what the hands do. This is what PSYCH-K means for me today.
When I first got to know the PSYCH-K processes in 2005, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. As a biologist and biochemist, I immediately understood what Bruce Lipton had discovered through his scientific work: that the mind influences the genes, not the other way around.
I have now been a PSYCH-K trainer since 2007, and I enjoy the dynamics and flow this gives my life. I am often asked how PSYCH-K has changed my life. My answer is: Things have become brighter. At the same time, many things have occurred to me that I did not seek out.
But: I haven’t fallen into the water – I’m still up on the board, surfing!