PSYCH-K Advanced Workshop

PSYCH-K Advanced Workshop – A profound experience


The PSYCH-K Advanced Workshop deepens the PSYCH-K Balances learned in the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop.


During the workshop, you learn effective, powerful tools for changing subconscious beliefs. The workshop also provides you with an opportunity to experience these profound changes within yourself. Your ability to be in balance – with yourself and with the people around you – results in greater peace and wellbeing in your life.


The goal of the PSYCH-K Advanced Workshop is to enable every participant to embrace his or her power and shine his or her light – thereby helping create a world of joy and ease. The workshop is suitable for everyone – from plumbers and real estate agents to facilitators and coaches, everyone can benefit. The methods learned can be applied in both professional and personal settings.


During the workshop, you learn:


The Core Belief Balance

This Balance works with 13 key beliefs that prevent us from unlocking our full potential in life.


Belief Points

Balancing the 12 Belief Points makes it easy to access and transform current issues.


Energy Focusing

This is a process that allows you to connect to the universal energy and focus it in one point in your body. It makes it possible to balance your entire system. Energy Focusing using Belief Points can be used at any time to quickly get yourself back into balance.


Life Bonding Balance

The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human experience. The basis of this Balance is the breath. It is used to transform negative experiences related to being born and/or dying.


Relationship Balance

The goal of this Balance is to let go of any stress affecting a relationship. Together with Surrogate Balancing, it opens up numerous possibilities for gaining clarity. Relationships of any kind – to people, objects, topics – can be dealt with and energetically cleared.


Surrogate Balance

The PSYCH-K Surrogate Balance makes it possible to change a situation involving a person who may or may not be present. It is the prerequisite for Relationship Balances involving abstract topics such as the relationship between you and another part of yourself (e.g. your Inner Child).



You learn how to experience a deep sense of trust and safety when dealing with other people. The PSYCH-K Rapport Balance allows you to “talk the other person’s talk” verbally and nonverbally.