What is PSYCH-K?

There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.


What if the subconscious belief “I love my life” is a tiny amount of energy, one that a protein needs to serve its cell in a life-enhancing manner?

The energies of beliefs are so minimal that they cannot be grasped with today’s measurement methods. Yet each of us knows that a person who loves deeply radiates a different energy than a person who hates himself or herself. And each person transmits this energy both outward and inward. Any stagnation of the heart, any irritation or deep sense of gratitude has internal and external consequences.

Moreover, the thoughts we think automatically, subconsciously and constantly fuel our hormone system. If I am faced with a stressful situation and think, “I won’t be able to do it,” the body will produce adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones increase blood pressure and accelerate breathing – in other words, they drive the body’s reactions. Our hormones produce effects that snowball: In a very short time, they transmit information into the smallest parts of our cells, thus affecting the expression, growth and development of the cells themselves.

It is therefore anything but hocus-pocus to believe that the statement “I’ll never be able to do it” manifests on a physical level – and that we experience stress as a result.

PSYCH-K is about manifesting strengthening (positive) thoughts and feelings. It’s about our embracing the life force that lovingly supports us – instead of living in fear and using our energy merely to protect ourselves.

PSYCH-K is a simple, non-invasive method that allows us to quickly and easily discover what we truly believe and feel, and to direct our perceptions in the direction we desire. This is done by creating a kind of “superlearning state.”

Furthermore, PSYCH-K is the tool of choice for transforming stress and emotions. This can be stress from the past that we still carry with us, stress that is currently relevant or stress that we fear will occur in the future and gets our system racing now.

The goal is therefore to respond to the stress by entering into a state of lightness and relaxation. We want to face the challenging situation by using the potential we have at our disposal when both halves of our brain are activated – instead of responding highly emotionally (using the right side of the brain) or extremely factually, without accessing our feelings (the left side). We can and we need to think and feel at the same – which causes many things to come into balance and start to flow.

The question that leads us as we bring about these changes during a PSYCH-K session is: What do you want (instead of your current situation, which is making you dissatisfied)? It is about embracing your own power and living a life full of joy and peace.

PSYCH-K brings about rapid subconscious and emotional change, allowing you to become aware of the change at the same time.