PSYCH-K Workshop Feedback



... And I would like to give a quick feedback from the workshop because I feel a huge shift since. 


The anxiety I had for the last almost 50 years of my life - every morning I woke up with this feeling, afraid of the day, just wanted to sleep and it took hours of meditating and exercises to uplift me so that I can start the day - is completely GONE. I wake up with uplifting thoughts, with a smile on my face, curious about the day and I feel safe and stable and confident. My thoughts are very different in general. When I look in the mirror, I like what I see. I connect to myself. And even my partner, my friends, everybody is reflecting back on the change. I have had several challenges since I got back and I solved them with creativity, confidence and staying in my power. I feel this inner peace constantly which I didn't have before. I do trust in life 😊 I am truly grateful for PSYCH-K®, for you and for me for this very powerful weekend. The way you are teaching, your Isumataq, loving, selfless presence for me was a very safe space to go all in, to grow.


Krisztina, September 2023





After the Basic Workshop in Sursee, I experienced something that was absolutely wonderful. For many years I had repeatedly applied for a job as a technician at various wastewater treatment plants, because it’s interesting, multifaceted work and because you make a meaningful contribution to society – and, thus, to the plant – by purifying water. I was never asked in for a job interview, so I balanced for it and decided shortly afterwards to completely rewrite my cover letter. The result is that after submitting only one application, I will begin working at a treatment plant on February 1. I am now a believer, thanks to PSYCH-K. Thank you for this great tool!!


Paul . November 2018

After a Core Belief Balance as a Surrogate for her son


I wanted to give you some feedback. My son came home on Monday and was beaming. Two of his classmates asked him if he would like to spend the break with them. 😀

Then my husband did the Verbal/Nonverbal Rapport Balance. He tested weak twice for Auditory. He had never been able to understand anything when there was a lot of background noise. Today in a full restaurant he was able to understand and participate in everything.


Hannah . October 2018

PSYCH-K and repairmen


Dear Brunhild,

I’ve experienced something similar to what you described in your story about repairmen. Last November we had water damage in our upstairs bathroom and in Lisa’s room. After realizing how extensive the damage was, I immediately balanced for “The entire renovation process takes place with joy and ease.” 

Everything (really everything) went like clockwork: The insurance paid for everything, I got to know excellent, pleasant repairmen, the work was carried out professionally, etc. And it wasn’t a problem for Lisa, but a special treat – she got to sleep in the attic for a while.

The repairmen literally said that they were glad to be working at our house! And I had a very agreeable time dealing with the insurance adjustor.



PSYCH-K Basic Workshop


Allergy free!


Dear Brunhild,

I was at your Basic Workshop in Bonn at the beginning of June. During lunch you did a quick Resolution Balance with me to help me with my hay fever. We balanced for the belief “I forgive my parents for sending me to Berlin at the age of 13.” I want to thank you for your help once again would like to tell you what happened afterwards.

About one and a half weeks later, I realized that I had forgotten to take my allergy tablet. I didn’t have any symptoms at all! I’ve had various hay fever problems from May to July every year for 27 years. Now I’m allergy free! It’s hard to believe – but of course I believe it, because I know what we did. ;) I’m so excited about PSYCH-K and have already been able to help some colleagues, friends and myself. Another big THANK YOU!


Anna . September 2018

PSYCH-K Basic Workshop


Safe and relaxed


Dear Brunhild,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your seminar, which opened a gateway to feelings, perceptions and events that have literally carried me away. Suddenly, I am chancing across things and events that are supporting me on my path. Years ago, my brother, who is a naturopath, gave me a set of fairy cards, which I suddenly remembered on Monday. I took them out and pulled a card that perfectly matched my current emotional state. Right now, I was looking for a book in the bookshelf in my office and while I was there – I don’t know how it happened – I came across a book by Spezzano that I bought years ago. I opened it at random and read something that provided me with valuable insight. Since the workshop, I have generally been much more relaxed and feel somehow safe and protected. The possibility that I can balance goal statements without having to do it all day gives me that sense of protection. I’m curious to see what else I will experience as I continue on my PSYCH-K path.


R. .  June 2018

PSYCH-K Basic Workshop


Dear Brunhild,

The course set a lot in motion and, above all, did me the great service of connecting me much more to myself. Until then I had been running through life stuck in my head. :-))  It’s the way most people cope with life in the world we live in. The thinking consciousness gets all the attention and it’s difficult and strange to adjust to the more knowing and wiser subconscious mind. But seeing that something truly changes, that something happens when I intensively balance for a belief … that has a big effect on me and creates a lot of confidence and inner growth. Also, there’s an uncertainty I have often felt: that I knew and clearly sensed in some area of my life I wasn’t making any progress, even if I didn’t have the vaguest idea where the blockage was. I can now engage with and explore that uncertainty constructively, discovering where the problem is.  :-))  And things are getting resolved ... moreover, during these processes, important lessons I needed to learn are becoming clear.


C. . May 2018

Advanced Workshop


The PSYCH-K Advanced Workshop is an incredible help!


Micha . April 2018

Help with stroke


Dear Brunhild,


Thank you very much for guiding me so lovingly and caringly in the Advanced Workshop!

I want to share with you some of the changes relating to my two strokes. I can replicate the teal light at short intervals – and that still makes me shiver with happiness, as you already know. On the third day in Bonn I noticed an increase in motor coordination. I was better at climbing stairs and walking on level ground. I was mentally alert. My sleep was more restful and I needed less of it. It was easier to put together words and phrases. I think a bio-mental-spiritual integration has begun. Everything continues to unfold.

Surely you have seen similar things during your PSYCH-K work. I thank you most sincerely!

Greetings and hope to see you in the New Year,



Dear Brunhild,

A big thank you to you!!! First the great workshop, then the fast dispatch of the overviews, diligently compiled – the reason for major praise from me. They will be very useful as I learn more and put it all into practice. I’m looking forward to the Advanced Workshop. Until then, all the best for you and your projects.




Help with exam anxiety


I came to Mrs. Hofmann the day before my oral examination for my second State Bar Exam. Because of the upcoming exam, I was very tense and unable to concentrate – I had no confidence in myself or my abilities.

First, Mrs. Hofmann and I worked together to find out what I needed in order to do well on the day of the exam. It became clear that it was important for me to be relaxed and clear headed and be able to feel confident about what I could do. This became the overall goal of our work. With the help of a so-called Core Belief Balance, Mrs. Hofmann was able to see where I was out of balance and to correct it. A light-body visualization, which I found very pleasant, rounded out the 1.5 hours I spent with her. She also showed me how I could demonstrate to myself immediately before the exam or in the breaks that I had internalized my goal, which was to go through the day relaxed as I succeeded with my exam. In addition, I had the opportunity to repeatedly get in touch with myself and my abilities.

The night before I slept soundly and did very well during the exam the following day. All in all, I found it to be a very straightforward, fast and efficient way to become aware of one’s goals in a crisis situation and to actively work on oneself or with the situation.

I can only recommend PSYCH-K and would like to thank Mrs. Hofmann once again.

Help with stress


Thank you very much, dear Brunhild!

I am firmly in balance and noticed immediately after my return home that you have to be careful when creating beliefs (and even the images for a VAK). There was a lot of communication at home as I had imagined in my VAK: “We sit at the table and everyone talks to everyone.” (My wish was also that my husband and my son would talk to each other more again). Just imagine, all of a sudden everyone was talking at once, and it was definitely too much for me after the weekend in Vienna and the four hours on the train! I fixed that with a revised VAK the next day. It was a great experience!

Many thanks to you and best wishes from Golling/Salzburg!



More joy and serenity


Dear Brunhild,

I would like to share what I’ve experienced today ... Yesterday, I went to Hamburg for a training session at the company ... I was already (exceptionally) relaxed during the preparation phase and even yesterday I was in a great mood. (Prior to the PSYCH-K workshop, I always had butterflies in my stomach when I thought about a training session.) During the first session, I was very tense for the first few hours and got a lot of resistance from a colleague ... This morning at 6 o’clock I woke tense and nervous, and thought: “I would like to do the seminar with joy and peace.” Naturally the muscle test was weak.

Then I did a Balance (using Energy Focusing with Belief Points – Letting Go). It took quite a while for the feeling of joy and peace to set in, but then I could clearly feel it. Muscle test: strong!

At 7:30 am, I was whistling as I walked from the hotel to the company (about 15 minutes) in order to sign in (reception and security check).

And guess what: the woman responsible for the training session had forgotten to register me. I was not allowed onto the grounds for security reasons. I had to wait until the said employee could be reached. I waited, amazed at how calm I was and the lack of adrenalin coursing through my body and the films not playing in my head. The clock moved from 8:00 to 8:15 to 8:25 am. The training was supposed to start at 8:30.

My pulse was slightly elevated. At 8:28 came the OK. I was allowed to enter the premises. It took another 15 minutes to get to the right building and take the elevator to the conference room. There they sat waiting: 10 participants. (Every coach’s dream situation, right?)

My delay and the department secretary’s faux pas had already been explained. The participants were understanding and humorous and in some cases had also been late...

After saying hello, I asked everyone for a little more patience as I calmly set up my laptop and my charts, put on some feel-good music and then started just before 9:00 am.

One of the participants found his smartphone more interesting for a while; it didn’t bother me. I had to shorten the theoretical part of my presentation because of the lack of time – not a problem. The “difficult” participant was at home sick with bronchitis ... synchronicity?

The individual sessions at the workplaces went smoothly and I had the feeling that everything was flowing effortlessly. We ended at 6:00 pm.

Now, back in the hotel, I’m exhausted and, at the same time, happy about what a good day it has been! I take my role seriously, but within reason. I know that not everything has to do with me. Do you understand what I mean?

I am so thankful for PSYCH-K and am gladly applying it whenever I need it (for example, yesterday during the turbulent flight to Hamburg ...)


Best regards,