PSYCH-K Divine Integration Retreat Workshop

Love has no motives. It is its own eternity.


The Divine Integration Retreat offers the unique chance to come in contact with the Divine in you, experiencing and surrendering to this connection.  Limiting beliefs are identified and changed. As a result of the energetic dynamics of the group, which creates a field from which everyone benefits, extraordinary experiences are possible.


Something that is becoming increasingly important is how we experience our connection with the universe and see ourselves as part of the Divine. Interestingly enough, everyone experiences his or her Divinity differently. That’s actually not a surprise, since each of us brings a facet of Divine Light into the world, making the world a richer place.


The Divine Integration Retreat is open to everyone who has participated in a PSYCH-K Advanced Workshop. For the most part, we use the Balances taught in the Advanced Workshop.


The Divine Integration Retreat is a gift. There is no fee for the workshop; donations are accepted. Participants pay for their own accommodation and meals.