PSYCH-K Basic Workshop

In the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop you will learn processes called “Balances.”
They allow you to


  1. Communicate with your subconscious in a state of “superlearning.”

  2. Integrate the left and right sides of your brain to anchor new, chosen beliefs.

  3. Define your goals clearly in order to create your own beliefs, which are personally tailored to you and your goals.

  4. Transform stress. This can be stress from the past that colors the present – thoughts, feelings and actions.  It can be stress that is currently active or stress you fear will happen in the future which is already causing the adrenaline to flow. The goal is to enter a state of lightness and relaxation and to use the potential available when both halves of the brain are activated to respond to the challenging situation. That is, it’s about not responding highly emotionally (right brain) or extremely objectively without access to your feelings (left brain). We can think and feel at the same time and we need to do that, since it brings so many things in life into balance and allows them to flow.


The change processes you learn are:

  •     the New Direction Balance
  •     the Resolution Balance
  •     creating clarity for the subconscious (VAK)


You get suggestions for empowering beliefs relating the following topics:

  •     Grief/loss
  •     Self-worth
  •     Personal power
  •     Relationships
  •     Prosperity
  •     Health
  •     Spirituality

The overall objective is to develop self-confidence and find your source of power – thereby activating your ability to heal and shape your own life. You learn to transform stress and to anchor strengthening beliefs in all parts of your mind.