PSYCH-K Support and Coaching

“We are here to make ourselves and others happy.”

Lance Secretan

It’s something you’ve probably experienced: You know exactly what you want. You’ve identified your goals, written down the changes you want to make – and you still can’t get them to happen. The more you try, the more you struggle, the father away they seem.  


A laser has exactly the same amount of energy as a 100-watt lightbulb. But the laser doesn’t release its energy in every possible direction. It focuses it instead, sending a very powerful beam towards just one point. Applying that image to what I do as a coach: we work together to consolidate your energy so you can direct it towards the essential points in your life, achieving meaningful changes quickly and easily.


My goal is to give you efficient and effective support as you step into and feel your own power, so whatever it is that you want to manifest becomes a real, tangible part of your life. You undertake a journey to identify the old beliefs and habits that are sabotaging you, and you then transform them – gently and practically – into new, empowering ones.


Traditionally, a coach was not a person, but a means of transport. Coaches were what people used to get from place to place, discovering more about the world and themselves along the way. Sometimes when you travel, you need a companion who can help you open doors and find new paths, someone who can bring the inner journey more clearly into focus. Our work together is based on the latest findings in the field of neurobiology – applied not only on the level of behaviors, but especially on the level of beliefs, assumptions and values. Changes on this level are highly effective and result in behaviors that are visibly new.


The foundation for this work is the understanding that true and lasting change has to be realized on the subconscious level so it can also be expressed through conscious behavior. Instead of struggling – and I did that for a long time, so I know what I’m talking about – it’s about loving and living.


Addressing a specific issue usually requires only one or two sessions. When you look at one issue, however, others often come up. A session lasts about 90 minutes, with two to four weeks between sessions. I only schedule one or two appointments at a time, allowing the client to decide on the frequency of our meetings. Coaching is also possible by phone or online on Zoom.


These sessions last about approx. 60 minutes.


Fee: €150 € plus VAT (€28.50) = €178.50