Bruce Lipton   Brunhild Hofmann   Rob Williams

Rob Williams originated PSYCH-K in 1988. For a long time, he worked as a manager and psychotherapist, using the PSYCH-K methods in individual sessions until he couldn’t keep up with the demand.

He then decided to begin training people in the PSYCH-K processes. Subsequently, while attending a congress as a result of this decision, he met Bruce Lipton, who was intrigued by Rob’s demonstration that behavior can be changed quickly and easily.

Bruce’s research addresses a number of points, including the fact that we are all influenced by our environment in the first years of our lives and but cannot consciously change how we are influenced by it. PSYCH-K provided him with an answer to a question he was repeatedly asked: How can I apply the knowledge I have about the ways my childhood experiences influenced me? How can I consciously shape my behavior and life today, so they are the way I want them to be?

Bruce and Rob became friends and now support each other’s work. For Bruce, PSYCH-K is a method that saves lives and brings peace. Today, PSYCH-K facilitators come from many different countries and PSYCH-K workshops take place all around the world.