PSYCH-K Workshops

PSYCH-K is a method based on a number of very different processes. What the processes all have in common is the attitude we maintain while doing them. This attitude is based on respect and appreciation, and means that everyone involved is treated as an equal. The workshop is therefore also about practicing an attitude of appreciation and partnership between the facilitator and client, even beyond the methods themselves.


Furthermore, every PSYCH-K change process includes the superconscious, which is connected to our Higher Self. We place ourselves in the field of energy of unconditional love – the true force that creates change within PSYCH-K. This is why it’s not possible to learn PSYCH-K from books. You need to experience it firsthand.


I am often asked how it is possible to learn such an effective method in such a short time – a total of 10 days for the Basic, Advanced and Master Facilitation Workshops – and still have an in-depth self-learning experience. The answer is: The PSYCH-K workshops allow a kind of “download.” Imagine that during the workshop you are connecting to the PSYCH-K Cloud and that the knowledge and skills are then downloaded. The experiences of everyone using PSYCH-K for themselves and for others help you learn. The method is getting faster and more powerful as a result. That’s been my experience during my more than 10 years as a trainer.


The deepest intention behind PSYCH-K is to “live the connection” – the connection to yourself, to nature, to your fellow human beings, to the spiritual power that supports us all. This allows us to go through even difficult times feeling safe and protected.


Immediately after attending the Basic Workshop, you can apply the change processes you have learned to help yourself and others – in both professional and personal settings.


Completing the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop is the prerequisite for participating in all other workshops. The PSYCH-K Advanced Workshop is required for attending the Divine Integration Retreat, and for participating in the PSYCH-K Health and Wellbeing Program.


My PSYCH-K Basic Workshop can be repeated for a small amount (donation). The PSYCH-K Pro and Advanced Workshops can be repeated for half the normal price. The reduced price always applies when people register together in pairs or for multiple workshops, or when someone registers for both the Basic and Advanced Workshops. It also applies to school and university students, the unemployed and social welfare recipients (Hartz4). Paying in installments is also possible (certain conditions apply).


The Divine Integration Retreat is a gift. Donations are requested.