Experiencing PSYCH-K

Turning towards life


Hello, Mrs. Hofmann. Today is a good day to thank the people I met this year who were in the right frame of mind at just the right moment. To some extent, my life has taken a new direction. It is still completely on the spiritual level, and this level will shape the future. This year, Christmas was a festival of joy for me. I remained in a good mood even at the routine events. It’s a completely different situation when you can give to others without losing anything yourself.


Thank you very much. Roman

Exam and PSYCH-K


I came to Mrs. Hofmann the day before my oral examination for my second State Bar Exam. Because of the upcoming exam, I was very tense and unable to concentrate – I had no confidence in myself or my abilities.

First, Mrs. Hofmann and I worked together to find out what I needed in order to do well on the day of the exam. It became clear that it was important for me to be relaxed and clear headed and be able to feel confident about what I could do. This became the overall goal of our work. With the help of a so-called Core Belief Balance, Mrs. Hofmann was able to see where I was out of balance and to correct it. A light-body visualization, which I found very pleasant, rounded out the 1.5 hours I spent with her. She also showed me how I could demonstrate to myself immediately before the exam or in the breaks that I had internalized my goal, which was to go through the day relaxed as I succeeded with my exam. In addition, I had the opportunity to repeatedly get in touch with myself and my abilities.

The night before I slept soundly and did very well during the exam the following day. All in all, I found it to be a very straightforward, fast and efficient way to become aware of one’s goals in a crisis situation and to actively work on oneself or with the situation.


I can only recommend PSYCH-K and would like to thank Mrs. Hofmann once again.


Relationship with her mother and setting boundaries

Our conversation began with us talking about my clients (animal psychology) and especially about a woman and her two dogs. I gave you some background, including that I have the feeling I sometimes block or thwart myself when I make decisions. I had labelled this blockage as a lack of self-confidence. In the course of the conversation, we identified that it was more about an excessive sense of duty (or a self-imposed “prohibition”?!), which held me back. Somehow you managed to recognize the core problem: my mother and my experiences with her. It was absolutely amazing how quickly you adjusted to the change in the conversation’s course and how you led it in the appropriate direction. Okay … I don’t understand all the movements you asked me to make. :-) But I immediately felt an immense feeling of happiness, a lightness, a liberation, so that our “party” really came from the heart. :-)

I communicated with my customer in a way that was loving but clear. I told her what was right for me and what was not. And she realized that she could not control me with her money and changed her attitude.

On December 18th, I noticed one of her dogs had a severe problem with his anal glands and spontaneously took him to my vet. Conclusion: anal inflammation (!) and rupture and, consequently, an emergency operation. I asked the vet to call the customer so she could hear this upsetting message first-hand. The owner immediately gave her consent and, since she felt unable to take care of her dog afterwards (... she also wanted go to Arosa on vacation instead), she asked me for help and left her dog with me as a result.

Of course, I was not prepared for a guest and had a number of appointments planned until December 23. My mother offered to take the dog during each of my appointments and overnight. I accepted the offer, but from small remarks she made each day, I knew I would “pay” for it emotionally. … I had no choice if I wanted to help the dog. And that’s what I wanted.

The wound had to be rinsed several times a day, so in the evening after work I had to drive to her house once more to treat the dog. On the evening of December 22, I arrived to rinse the wound. Everything seemed fine and relaxed.

From one second to the next, something changed and my mother started walking towards me. She said I had come over just to control her and that I had no confidence in her. I wanted to explain to her that I was interested in the dog’s welfare, that’s all. She stood in front of me like a three-year-old child, covering her ears so she would not hear what I said!! Imagine! Brunhild, believe it or not, I stayed unperturbed and calmly packed the dog’s things. In the past, I would have talked and talked, even begged, out of fear for my mother’s state of mind!

She said, “What are you doing? Think about what will happen if you take him away from me now!” I said, “Is that a threat?” She replied, “No, just a statement.” I took the dog, gave her a kiss on the cheek and left. And the amazing part was: I wasn’t just acting. I was completely calm inside. And I still am.

The dog will stay with me until January 6th. My mother spent Christmas alone. I sent her a text, saying, “I would be glad if you would still spend Christmas Eve with us.” She didn’t answer. Yesterday she sent a text because she wanted to ask something about an online purchase. I sent her a normal answer in reply.