Health and Wellbeing


This program is for PSYCH-K enthusiasts working with people who have health challenges. The course is designed to develop or enhance abilities that allow you to identify deep-seated beliefs which limit wellbeing or impair healing. This means moving to the source of the problem instead of remaining on the level of the symptoms.


The workshop has four main components:

  • A Balance for aligning your own beliefs in order to have a long life and good health, as extrapolated from psychoneuroimmunological (mind/body) research

  • An action plan created to manifest the new potential.

  • A Balance to experience a life free of specific medical problems by replacing the perceptions and beliefs surrounding the relevant issues with health-affirming ones.
  • A focus from start to finish on health topics, putting attention on and setting the intention to experience the state of “feeling good.”

Prerequisites are the completion of the PSYCH-K Basic and Advanced Workshops and experience doing the Balances, especially the Core Belief Balance and the Life Bonding Balance.


For this program, it is recommended, but not required, that you have: clinical experience; a source of clients with medical issues; and a practice setting that allows muscle testing and visits of at least 45 to 60 minutes with clients.


The program is for doctors, nurses, naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, therapists, psychologists, life coaches, massage therapists or other professionals who help people with medical issues. The PSYCH-K Health and Wellness training is a valuable complement to and enrichment for these professional activities.


Please be aware that the program does not provide licensing of any sort.


The program does not teach participants to diagnose or treat diseases.


The purpose of the work is to identify and change the beliefs and attitudes that underlie or promote a disease.


It is possible that some people exposed to this work experience considerable relief from their condition. Their condition may also improve to the extent that conventional medical treatment becomes possible. This work is an ideal adjunct for anyone working in a clinical setting. Holistic in nature, it combines mainstream medical trends and a multidisciplinary approach.