Books by Brunhild Hofmann

Strong or weak.


Which decision is the right one? Through the self-muscle test, we recall our deep body knowledge and can make it the basis of our decisions whenever we need it and in every situation. Eleven self-muscle tests give readers the opportunity to try out different techniques and find the test they trust. Based on the self-muscle test, you will also find a method of stress resolution, which effectively transforms blockages in the brain and thus experience connection instead of conflict. Trusting yourself more and more is the way!

Everyday PSYCH-K

For a relaxed communication between consciousness and subconscious

PSYCH-K, a method for everyone, allows us to communicate directly with body and soul: in a simple way we discover limiting beliefs and transform them into strengthening beliefs. The result is the powerful alignment of our subconscious with the aspect of our Higher Self towards our conscious goals. Merging the basics of Kinesiology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with energy and respiratory work contributes to the high efficiency of the method.

PSYCH-K is a self-realizing method that combines accelerated growth with ease and success. For counselors, psychologists, coaches and people from healing professions Psych-K is an optimal supplement.

Orgasm - the female power

What does it take to feel completely comfortable as a woman in your own body, to regard it as a gift and to enjoy this gift as well? How do we strengthen our femininity, creativity and life energy? The orgasm - experienced alone or in pairs - is a potential that is available to every woman and allows her life to blossom.

The author examines the hormonal, physical and anatomical facets of this potency and gives insight into subjective experience. Concrete instructions encourage you to lovingly approach your own body. Various anatomical aspects of the vagina and clitoris are illuminated in their significance for the female orgasm.

There is no right or wrong orgiastic experience. Livable is what strengthens life.

Find your inner balance

The gratifying combination of brain and heart.



Who did not long to develop their full potential on earth and to feel at one with everything that is ?! This requires the equivalent activity of our two halves of the brain as well as a harmonious, synchronous swinging of our brains with our hearts. We ourselves have the power, supported by our deep convictions, through meditation and grounding, being at home in nature, through blessing and loving to put our body-mind system into a coherent vibration. Our brain serves our heart as a gateway to the universe where we all speak the same language...

If we love each other instead of being right, we welcome change as a great opportunity for development. From the point of view of science, these energies work into the cellular and molecular level and thus change our entire being. They give us the strength to discover the beauty of our journey, and provide us with the necessary impetus to renew ourselves from our suffering phases and enrich ourselves with enrichment.

Experience Psych-K!

20 life-affirming inspirations  


Life-affirming examples on the following topics: - fear of flying - fear of speaking to the public - finding a new job - farewell to the father - quit smoking - the end of a relationship and many more inspirations. It becomes clear: PSYCH-K is always about the question: What do you want instead? - the power of strengthening feelings and beliefs.

Book Recommendations

PSYCH-K®: The power of beliefs and the connection of body, mind and soul

What we think influences what we experience. And we try to create happiness, prosperity, success, love and inner peace in our lives through our thinking. But apparently that's easier said than done. Why? The answer is found at the level of our subconscious beliefs, the powerful store of our deepest beliefs and behaviors. In this book you will learn why insight alone is not enough to behave differently, and why more effort does not lead to more success; how you can easily find out what you really believe; that it can be quite easy to change these often self-sabotaging beliefs to gain happiness and inner peace. "PSYCH-K is a process of personal awakening and spiritual discovery, a user-friendly way to meet your divinely-inspired inner wizard." (Robert M. Williams)

Biology of Belief - How Experiences Control Our Genes

Amazing scientific knowledge about the biochemical functions of our body shows that our thinking and feeling works into every single one of our cells. The cell biologist Bruce Lipton describes exactly how this is going on at the molecular level. In easy-to-understand language and catchy examples, he demonstrates how the new science of epigenetics is turning the idea that our physical existence is determined by our DNA. Rather, both our personal life and our collective existence are defined by the connection between inside and outside, mind and matter.

Bruce Lipton's book has been one of the most important works in epigenetics, mind and matter for over 10 years. It has secured the author a place on the Watkins list of the world's most spiritually influential books for years.

Spontaneous Evolution - our positive future and how we achieve it

We've all heard of people miraculously recovering from illness. But is this healing also conceivable for the whole world? According to findings of the internationally known cell biologist dr. Not only is she possible to Bruce H. Lipton - she is already happening. Together with political philosopher Steve Bhaerman, he presents an astonishing new view of evolution, the role of DNA, the relationship between mind and matter, and the power of our beliefs. In doing so, it becomes clear how we can influence the spontaneous evolution of our species by changing our beliefs and thus shape a happier future.

Bruce H. Lipton, a leader in new biology, is known worldwide for his ingenious way of connecting science and consciousness development.

Steve Bhaerman has been a commentator and author of holistic publications for over 20 years, as well as a cosmic comedian and humorist.